Rentals (Apartments / Condos / Airbnb)

When it comes to real estate, presentation is of the utmost importance. Most real estate buyers being with an online search so it is crucial that your online listings are attracting and retaining their attention.

Adding 360-services with the use of virtual tours or 350-photos as part of your website is a great way to boost user engagement and retain the shopper’s interest to explore your store and products. Studies have shown sensory experiences can increase a user’s intentions to visit a location and 360-degree photos and video provide a sensory experience standard photos cannot match.

Photo Sample

Virtual Tour Sample

Tour Features

  • Standard 360-photos provide good quality at a lower cost (360-HDR photos available).
  • Reduced need for multiple 2D photos to present the same space. (2D photos can be captured from the 360-photos if necessary).
  • Custom image hotspot navigation and social media links.
  • Adaptive day-to-night and snow effects.
  • Photo alterations.
  • Self-guided or auto-pilot guided tour.
  • Skyview tour intro with auto-start.
  • Embedded multi-media.
  • Easy walkthrough navigation.
  • 360-photos of the interior and exterior.
  • Hosted by Spatial Analytics Canada.