Retail Stores

Traditional retail stores and their customers are facing the growing pains of business life during the COVID-19 pandemic and shoppers are turning to online as a solution. In order for businesses to gain a larger footprint into the online shopping market, user engagement is paramount to helping increase those services and product sales.

Adding 360-services with the use of virtual tours or 350-photos as part of your website is a great way to boost user engagement and retain the shopper’s interest to explore your store and products. Studies have shown sensory experiences can increase a user’s intentions to visit a location and 360-degree photos and video provide a sensory experience standard photos cannot match.

360-Photo Sample

Located at 1201 Larry Uteck Blvd, (Unit 6), PHIT’Cetera is a new clothing store committed to sourcing pieces that seamlessly unite ethics and aesthetics.

Virtual Tour Sample

The following tour displays PHITCetera’s storefront prior to its Grand Opening in February 2021.

Tour Features:

  • HDR images present your location in the best light.
  • A 360-image or 360-tour reduces the need for multiple 2D photos.
  • Sidebar with the brand logo, ‘About’ content, and embedded “Shop Now” link to the online store.
  • Automated rotation of tour images, or self-guided; you decide.
  • Custom store branding.
  • Tour starts on-click.